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iMEP Solution is the right solution!

iMEPiMEP Atlantic Canada's 1st Export Management Company will connect you to the limitless opportunities that await your company in the Global Marketplace, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time export manager!

"Our passion is building your markets"

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"In this new economy, Alex’s analytical capabilities - including a passion for research, results driven planning and coordination - would make a tremendous addition to any visionary company looking to grow and become more efficient."

- Paul Stride
Executive Director

"An ability to research and analyze areas of interest and draw on available resources to develop logical and effective recommendations make Alex a great asset to any organization requiring these skills..."

- Manuel Hackett
Manager (Past)

Service Cycle

iMEP offers the full array of export management services to take your company from GROUND ZERO to CLOUD NINE in the global arena.





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